About KnowWon

The World’s 1st Learning and Career Development Community

We are focused on cultivating careers in cloud and cybersecurity, especially among underrepresented communities like Blacks, Women and Latinx. We have strategies designed to help professionals build “social capital” to advance economic mobility, like:

  • Shorten the distance between enthusiasts and experts
  • Expose technical professionals to mentors and career coaches
  • Create more “hands on” experiences
  • Build confidence by seeing people who look like you having great success
  • Build competence by learning proper language and concepts in context with Experts
  • Avoid trying to learn complex technology in isolation, this increases ones odds of success 

Browse through our Events calendar and join in the fun. There are many free activities like, Ninja Calls where you get to connect with professionals and hear their stories. We ensure that you will meet people in all phases of their career and demonstrate that there is no “one way” to get started or find success.

We are also committed to helping people interested in starting their career or those making career transitions are exposed to the benefits of earning industry certifications. We sponsor study groups every week! The price of admission is creating 3 good questions (24 hours before the meeting) to share anonymously with the group via our Web Form.

Our History:

Kevin Robinson, co-founder of RTriad Enterprises, LLC retired from Microsoft in 2017 having served as a Principle Service Engineer on the Operations team that launched Office 365 and as a Senior Premier Field Engineer leading Azure Fast Start as a Subject Matter Expert for North America. As you may have observed, the technology is moving faster than anyone can keep up with and Kevin experienced this first hand training Microsoft’s top field technical professionals to deliver solutions in this area. It led him to start a company that is innovating in the world’s first learning and career development community, KnowWon. We like to say “KnowWon knows it all”, primarily because we need to emphasize network enabled learning and mentoring.

Markus Beamer and Clyde Brown came on 2018 to help accelerate the product and software development, both having distinguished careers in agile software development, project management and DevOps. We also anchored a portion of the online community in Office 365 to offer superior collaboration for those interested in moving their networking and career development activities beyond the borders of their current employer and make your network more portable over time. We like to think of it like a “gated” community that let’s professionals manage their own boundaries and flock to where like-minded pros can build stronger connections. We had a soft launch in October 2020.